Revive Your Deck

Decks are excellent outdoor spaces to entertain and relax. Due to their exposure to the elements and constant foot traffic, your deck will eventually show significant signs of wear, and require maintenance to keep it in good shape. Staining your deck can revive its beauty and keep it protected from deterioration. Below are some tips for picking out stain color and applying it to your deck:

Picking the Color

There are various types of colors that you can use to paint your deck, depending on your taste and preference. When choosing the color, you need to bear in mind the harmony between the exterior of your home and the deck area. There needs to be continuity that blends the deck to the surrounding area. Stains allow most of the wood texture and grain to show through which can create an artistic impression. You can also choose semi-transparent stains that impart color on the surface of the wood while at the same time exposing the wood grains to be seen. Solid colors create a rich and vibrant opaque finish that hides the wood grain completely.

Test Out the Stain Color on a Small Surface

Every stain color must be tested on a surface before it is applied to a wide area. You can try it out on an inconspicuous area of your deck so as to see how it will appear before staining the entire deck. If you don’t like what you see, you can remove the color using a deck stripper instead of sanding it to maintain evenness on the deck surface.

Apply the Stain

If you like the color after testing, you can start applying it onto the rest of the surface. You can start by coating the boards’ open end grain before brushing them one at a time starting from one end to the other in smooth strokes. So as to avoid lap marks, ensure that the leading edge is always kept wet. If your deck is new, only apply a single coat of oil-based finishes.

Remember that over-applying the stain may cause it to crack or peel when exposed to the elements, which will leave you back where you started. And if you would rather have professionals take care of the job for you then contact Memphis Deck Builders.

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