Deck Storage Ideas

It does not matter how big or small your deck is you can always save on space by incorporating creative storage solutions for your outdoor tools and accessories. When installing these storage solutions, make sure to keep the overall décor in mind. Below are tips for some great storage options:

Under the Deck Storage

Growing families require more and more space for storage and this usually calls for renovations aimed at creating additional spaces to store household items. The area under your deck can be a great place for storage when and properly converted can offer storage space for bulky items such as grills, furniture, sprinklers, bikes, cushions and even lawn mowers. This storage space is also convenient since most of the items stored here are usually made for outdoor activities. So as to keep runoffs at bay, you need to construct a simple and sloped drainage system.

Bench Storage

The bench storage can provide ample space to store patio seat cushions, toys as well as garden supplies. The bench storage can be made in a pattern that complements the décor of your deck area. The lid can be used as a surface for seating or serving thereby make the storage serve an extra purpose which adds to its utility. Because of the elements, the material used to make the bench storage should be weather resistant. Where applicable, you can make this storage lockable so as to safeguard the items stored inside.

Pegboard to Hang Tools

This is a familiar storage solution in indoor spaces such as kitchens and garages. However its use in the deck area has not been as readily used. To capitalize on this storage option, you can hang it on a wall somewhere on your deck to serve as a storage space for garden and barbecue tools.

These are some of the solutions that can give you extra space to store your equipment and other outdoor items to avoid overcrowding your deck. And if you would like assistance with your decks then do not hesitate to contact the professionals at Memphis Decks.

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