Make Your Deck An Outdoor Oasis

Since we’re stuck indoors for a good portion of the winter, once spring and summer hit most Minnesotans can’t get enough of being outdoors!  That’s why it’s important to have at least one space, whether it’s a deck or patio, or even a porch, to be able to enjoy the warmer weather.

Here are ways to make your space, big or small, into a relaxing outdoor oasis!

Make it Private.

When you’re wanting to kick back and relax after a long day, watching the neighbors grill their hamburgers just may not cut it.

Adding a privacy screen, a row of tall grasses in pots, or outdoor curtains are just some of the ways you can up the privacy factor.

Keep the pests away.

Aaaahhh. You’re settled in — feet up, a cold beverage, good book…

What?  Where did all of the bugs come from?  Don’t forget the Citronella candles or, for a more natural solution for your outdoor oasis, check out 11 Plants That Repel Mosquitoes or Six Insect Repellent Plants to Grow.


Of course every good outdoor space needs a place to sit!

Invest in comfortable patio furniture, and arrange it in a way that promotes conversation and relaxation so that you can enjoy both the outdoors and visiting with guests or family.

Fabric and rugs. 

Decorating isn’t limited to indoor spaces.  Soften your space and add personality by choosing cushion fabrics and coordinating outdoor pillows and rugs that compliment your design style.

Add water.

The trickle, the rush, the roar (okay, maybe not) – Whether it’s a small bubbling rock or a large water feature, the sound of water is a great way to add a soothing element.

Get fired up.

There’s nothing like the glow and warmth from a fire to cozy up an outdoor oasis.

It not only adds ambience, but it allows you to enjoy your spaces even on those days or evenings when the temps are a little cooler.

Light your way.

Just as in interior spaces, lighting adds another level of interest to your design, adds a nice glow and, of course, helps you to see when you’re just not quite ready to move indoors even though the sun has already set. 


Whether you actually plant flowers in the ground, or just use potted and hanging plants, they’re always a good idea.

Just like textiles, they add another layer of color, texture, and interest and help to soften the space.